A Professional Gaming Institute (PGI) was born in the spring of 2004. Cory Thompson opened the school in an effort to improve the quality of Dealers in the Seattle area while offering an opportunity for all people to join an exciting and growing industry. Ever since he completed his degree at the University of Portland, Cory has wanted to teach. Mr. Thompson moved back to his native Washington State from Las Vegas when a 1997 law allowed for private ownership of mini-casinos. He assisted Fred Steiner in opening the first non-tribal casino in Washington on November 10, 1997 and continued to work as Casino Manager through 2002.

A Professional Gaming Institute prides itself on training excellent card Dealers. Managers from Olympia to Everett have called PGI to thank them for training their new Dealers so thoroughly. PGI even has students in Las Vegas dealing the infamous World Series of Poker (Yes, the same one you see on TV.). Also, with a staff that speaks English and Vietnamese, everyone can learn.